This guide gives a quick overview of the best hotels in Singapore. With options at 5, 4 and 3 star levels, there is something suitable for every budget. A hotel stay can make or break a trip to bustling Singapore. With a population that well exceeds five million, it is easy to get swept up in the crowds and wind up with lodgings that are subpar on multiple levels. The distinguished traveller will need lodging options that can provide comfort, relaxation and safety. Look no further;

5 Star Hotels in Singapore

Raffles Hotel

Raffles Hotel, SingaporeThe Raffles Hotel cannot be beaten when it comes to service, excellence and tradition. For those visitors who are looking to experience a slice of history and maintain a level of authenticity in their vacation, this historical landmark is the place to stay. With pristine architecture and sprawling gardens, guests will have a sense that they have stepped back in time. With 84 standard rooms and 19 sprawling suites, the 125 year old structure offers grandeur and individual attention for each guest. With 15 bars and restaurants, a pool, full spa and fitness center, Raffles offers regal treatment.

The Fullerton Bay Hotel

Fullerton Bay Hotel SingaporeSituated right on the Marina bay, many rooms at the Fullerton offer spectacular views of the water, the rest showcase the spectacle of the Singapore skyline. Grandeur is an understatement in regards to the spectacular architecture, ample space in the lobby and fantastic treatment in the landing point restaurant. The staff understands exactly what it takes to create a five star experience, tending to special requests and concerns with care and attention. Each room is equipped with a private balcony and embellished with furniture and flourishes that maintain Singapore tradition, yet are stunningly modern.

The Ritz Carlton

Ritz Carlton SingaporeThis hotel is a sure bet for anyone who has come to know 5 star standards through Ritz Carlton hotels in the past. With seven acres of excellence, the grounds look to introduce weary travellers to Singapore in a comfortable, luxurious setting. Perfect for late arrivals, the airport hotel has over 600 rooms that are so elegant, guests report a “6 star feel” time and again.

4 Star Hotels in Singapore

Oasia Hotel

The Oasia Hotel incorporates minimalist design methods to provoke a clean, contemporary atmosphere. Polished wood, breathtaking stone work and the latest in modern appliances for in room amenities set this location apart from its competitors. Guests can quickly get used to the sleek lines and bright airy feeling that the unique design brings to the table. Benefits only increase with each room upgrade, to the point of a breakfast inclusion and club benefits that include a private pool.


The boutique hotel of Klapsons has quite a reputation for melding bold colors and unique design to create a futuristic and laid back experience. With only three floors of rooms, intimate is an understatement. Easy to access from the airport by MRT metro and right in the heart of a busy business district, this hotel makes a perfect stopping point for travellers with an agenda. A great pick for individual’s looking for a hotel with an experience, rather than a run of the mill commercial enterprise. For an added bonus try one of the suites, equipped with a streamline Jacuzzi that’s both romantic and decadent.

The Forest by Wangz

Centrally located in the heart of Singapore, the Forest offers more than the average hotel. The spacious apartment style rooms are a perfect pick for short and long term stays. Furnished with kitchenette, rain shower, wifi and all the comforts of home, the rooms range from studios to sprawling one bedrooms with balconies. Art reins supreme both on the facade of the building and throughout the room décor and furnishings. With a design that’s inspired by the rainforest, the flowing lines and natural materials that blanket this space set a tone of serenity and peace.

3 Star Hotels in Singapore

Ibis Singapore on Bencoolen

Year after year, guests rave about the value of Ibis Bencoolen. Bright and inviting, the hotel entices visitors with a friendly atmosphere and outstanding location. Each of the 538 rooms are designed to meet and exceed general travel expectations. The friendly staff at the Ibis are always eager to share tips and insights about things to do and where to go in Singapore. If the fully stocked buffet breakfast isn’t up your alley, delicious local cuisine can be found just around the corner at prices that are easy on the purse.


This boutique hotel shares a one of a kind experience with their guests. A different design agency was contracted for each floor, creating a space that’s unforgettable. From the Pantone floor, with capsule like rooms, each rendered in a single hue, to mono which is inspired by paper with embellishments that are part origami, part pop art and finally a whimsical floor with 6 rooms with themes like “bling” and “space”. With small touches at every turn that make this hotel unlike any other, such as a Nespresso machine, and the laid back French cuisine restaurant on site, Wanderlust stands out against other hotels everywhere in the world.

Link Hotel

Nestled near the city center, Link Hotel is both family and business friendly. With a classic design that’s intended to make visitors feel at home, even in a professional setting, the building showcases some clean and modern design elements. Featuring four different ethnic themes throughout the 288 rooms, guests will get to explore what it feels like to be at home in China, Malaysia, India or a contemporary setting. Above all the hotel is about price and location, both of which are hard to beat at the Link Hotel.

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